The 8Bit Deck By Drawsgood

About The Deck

The 8Bit Deck is a carefully crafted pixel art playing card deck with a palette inspired by the Pico-8 fantasy gaming console.

The cards were manufactured by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) and feature a custom silver-embossed tuck box. Each deck retails at $15 (shipping calculated based on location) and ships Internationally.

Meet The Kings

Each pip, number and face card were designed and illustrated in an amazing pixel art/sprite editing application called Aseprite. The pips were iterated on to ensure legibility.

Letters, Numbers and Spades

I was lucky enough to be able to use the PICO-8 font throughout the card designs. Each number and letter are only 4 pixels tall by 3 pixels wide, but still offer great legibility.

Joking Around

Outside of the Jacks, I think the Joker cards might be my favorite designs in this deck. I went for a classic look, and really enjoyed the challenge of capturing the laugh/smile on the faces.

The Tuck Box

The tuck box was designed in Aseprite as well, pixel by pixel. I wanted something simple and elegant, so in the end I decided on a clean white tuck box with silver embossing. Both the full size and micro pip designs adorn the box, as well as the 8Bit logotype.